NEWS: Mors Verum begin the purge!

Inspired by Old School Death Metal, experimental and Progressive music, Mors Verum have been on a journey since 2015 with the trio hammering out two EPs and an album in those six years, exploring philosophies about death and other-worldly perspectives which hugely inspires them in their creative process. Those interests have also contributed in forming their band name – Mors Verum (latin), which is a paraphrasing of “truth in death“. Their latest offering “The Living” is set for 5th November with “Purge” the first single from the Dissonant Death Metallers. Pre-orders for the EP are available over at bandcamp.


The band comment: ““The Living” is a concept EP that beckons the listener to inspect life as an artifact of death and its infinity. The song titles create the sentence “Inside Death’s Womb Purge the Living.” A statement reflecting our observations of conscious existence. Though the subject matter is grim, the music implores the listener to seek beauty in the vast emptiness of mortality

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