NEWS: “Mountain Soul” from STELL/\RIS!

Accompanied by live footage from their set at Faijfest in Czech Republic, STELL/\RIS have premiered a third single in “Mountain Soul” as they continue to work on a debut album. Established in 2019 they quintet have announced their intent to create original music with heavy guitars, intense grooves and wide ranging vocals and the with “Dust of Future” and “Find Your Course” they have already been doing.

The band comment “There wouldn’t be a better occasion for us to make our first live music vide then on Fajtův kopec in Velké Meziříčí. Mountain Soul, a single used for this live music video, is about nature and her infinite power. Well, needless to say Fajtfest has both – this festival is surrounded by beautiful country, the stage is right next to lookout tower and the power and atmosphere of this place and Fajtfest family made us speechless. Let’s go back with us on Fajtfest, let’s go back to the summer 2021 and enjoyed it by the eye of the one and only Jáchym Belcher

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