NEWS: Omnium Gatherum seek “Fortitude”?

Directed, filmed and edited by Jari Heino and with aerial footage by Jani Vihavainen, Finnish Melodic Death Metal masters Omnium Gatherum have unveiled a third single from their upcoming new album “Origin“, set for 5th November 52021 via Century Media Records. This one is called “Fortitude” and joins the previously released singles “Paragon” and “Reckoning” in appearing like the ghost of Christmas past on all digital platforms…

The band comment: ”’Fortitude’ was filmed at Munapirtti, an island in the Southeast Finland, near Kotka. This cabin is the sacred sanctuary, our secret lair in the woods, where we have rehearsed many many bandcamps before entering the studios to record new albums since ‘New World Shadows’.  Isolated from the world.”

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