NEWS: Once Human prey for death?

It seems strange that it will have been five years since the American Melodic Death Metal act Once Human released “Evolution” before their next burnt offering appears. In that time the band have of course released a live album in “Stage of Evolution” while guitarist Logan Mader patched up with Robb Flynn and toured the 25th Anniversary of “Burn My Eyes” with Machine Head so it’s not like they haven’t been otherwise engaged. 11th February 2022 is the date they have chosen for “Scar Weaver“, which has now seen either its second or third single “Only In Death” unvieled alongside pre-orders which curiously don’t list a track listing…


Frontwoman Lauren Hart comments: “This is my most personal song on the new album. It meant so much to me, that I really needed to get my hands dirty with the visuals. Logan and I filmed everything to keep the song’s the raw meaning. Musically, it’s very emotional and dire, and the outro is probably my favorite piece of music on the album!

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