NEWS: Snakeblade premier the Harvester (of sorrow)?

As there are just a handful of days left before “The Curse” follows “The Kingdom” from Canadian one-man Blackened Thrash project  Snakeblade the final advance unveiling has been chosen in “Harvester“. While songs on the upcoming 13th October releasing new album were written shortly after “The Kingdom”, they were worked on and stewed over for much longer. There was lots of experimentation and re-writing. It was a tedious, pain-staking project, but according to Redston, it paid off. It is a concept album of sorts revolving around one of Redston’s all-time favorite fantasy series: Game of Thrones. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.


Mike Redston explains the new single: “Harvester is one of my heaviest tracks ever. There’s no bullshit, no diddly-daddling around. It’s a straight-up ‘f*** you’ of a song. The song’s lyrics are completely raw and unfiltered. Looking back on it now, I see a whole lot of rage and anger in this thing. And that’s really the essence of what The Curse is all about.

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