NEWS: Downfall Of Mankind pay tribute to Dominik “Pumpa” König!

After the announcement of the tragic passing of Dominik “Pumpa” König yesterday, Portuguese Symphonic Deathcore act Downfall Of Mankind have released a music video for “Bow To The Crown” that was filmed at live at Deathfeast Open Air 2021 Germany and dedicated it to the man who produced, mixed and mastered it. Also the bass player of Stillbirth many will have witnessed the outpouring of grief on social media in the past few days from friends, fans and musicians in the Deathcore community. The track itself appears on the bands debut EP, “The Path Of Human Existence” which will reach its first anniversary in a few days time and is available over at bandcamp.

The band comment: “This video is entirely dedicated to Dominik “Pumpa” König, his fans, family and band mates. Let us celebrate his time here with us, let his memory survive along with the ones he made so happy while here. We love you man. Rest in POWER king!

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