NEWS: Kuoleman Galleria fall into the Wishing Well!

With roots as far back as 2012, Kuoleman Galleria started as a one man Dark Metal project but grew quickly into a full band and next year they will release their as yet untitled full length album via Inverse Records. The lyrics of that are said to deal with hidden corruption, monstrosities and fears of the human condition in a way seen in horror movies with hope only found from trying to get a spark from a wet match with frozen fingers. They have unveiled the first single from album in “Toivomuskaivo” which is available over at bandcamp.

Band comments on the video: “Toivomuskaivo” (Wishing well) dives into the depths of a human mind. There is no eternal life just this one here right now. When the void stares at you the only option is to stare back. Wishing well inside us screams out our name and eventually we need to find out what lies at the bottom of it.”

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