NEWS: Schemata Theory share their new vision…

Delving into personal subject matter of vocalist Myles Dyer’s battle with his mental health following a near-fatal accident Schemata Theory have released a video for ‘New Vision’, the second single to be lifted from their upcoming new album, ‘Unity in Time‘ recorded with Justin Hill (SikTh, Heart of a Coward, Betraying The Martyrs) at the helm. The track showcases another flavour of the raw energy the band deliver on the new record expressing a humanity which exists beyond fear, ego and defensiveness, all of which stands in its way.

Myles explains: “This song emerged from a very difficult chapter in my life, in which I suffered a head injury that took years to recover from. Straight after the accident, I stayed at home alone to recover from the intense post-concussion symptoms, during which every aspect of my life was decimated: I stopped working, socialising, engaging with Schemata Theory, my physical and mental fitness declined… It was dreadful. As days turned into weeks, into months, into years, I was fortunately able to work my way out of it eventually. But the path to recovery was a terrifying one, because I never saw the end to it. ‘New Vision’ acknowledges the horrible sense of limbo one feels when in the deepest realms of depression, whilst highlighting the importance of mental tenacity and the relief of finally coming out of it. The journey is never easy, but by sharing experience, hopefully it will bring comfort to those currently on the road to mental and/or physical rehabilitation.”

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