NEWS: Chugger return to “Bleed”!

The return of Gothenburg Sweden Groove Metallers Chugger with not one but two freshly reimagined and still brutally effective cuts from their ancient history is the kind of news we love to hear about. It’s like being told that an old friend is on the way and bringing beer. The first of those cuts is “Bleed” as the band explain how their feelings around the release of their current album “Of Man And Machine“…

The band comment: “Worst. Timing. Ever. After Wacken Open Air we set out to make the best damn album we could. Something that held the same standard as Chugger live. So we spent a long time writing and perfecting it, and finally we were gonna release it and get back on the road! In April. 2020. Now, as things are slowly getting back to normal, we’re reigniting the flame by bringing back two live favorites. Songs that always bring the hall to a frenzy, and songs that clearly show how much we’ve grown in these 10 years. The first of these two reimagined tracks to be released is BLEED. BLEED was the first song Robert wrote for Chugger, waaaay back. We even released a music video for the demo, that years later got taken down by Youtube for “promoting violent criminal organizations”. Oh, the struggles of the modern death metal band…”

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