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NEWS: Chugger reborn five feet under?

If you’re a fan of the original then look away now because Gothenburg’s finest Death Groove Metallers Chugger have returned with a reimagined rendition of “Five Feet Down” with the suffux “Reborn” that follows the December rework of “Bleed“. That original cut is of course from 2015’s “Human Plague” and so hopefully the series stretches

NEWS: Chugger return to “Bleed”!

The return of Gothenburg Sweden Groove Metallers Chugger with not one but two freshly reimagined and still brutally effective cuts from their ancient history is the kind of news we love to hear about. It’s like being told that an old friend is on the way and bringing beer. The first of those cuts is

Playthrough: “Flatline” by Chugger!

Swedish groove death metal combo Chugger have shared a makeup free playthrough video to “Flatline“, taken from their new album ‘Of Man And Machine‘ out via Wormholedeath Records. The Gothenburg Sweden outfit are celebrating 8 years of crushing skulls across Europe.   The band comment: “Hellow! I Iam Ejric. And this is Larts. We play

Bootleg: Chugger at Wacken!

If you missed it, earlier this week Swedish Groove Death Metal band Chugger premiered a music video for “The Algorithm” that includes footage from the road to Waken in 2018 as well as performance footage culled from this set. The video is a tribute to the fans, to Wacken and to the fact that this

NEWS: Chugger take “The Algorithm” to Wacken!

Swedish Groove Death Metallers Chugger have taken a moment to create a music video for “The Algorithm” from their dystopian future themed album “Of Man And Machine” to explain visually why they miss touring by splicing together footage from their road trip to Wacken with performance footage. The band’s message for the fans: “We can’t