NEWS: Lotrify return to bleed alone…

Filmed at Ebrietas Bar in Zurich Video by Marc Signer from Stardust Visuals, Lotrify have dropped a classy black and white music video for “Bleed Alone” from their freshly released album “Time Fracture“. Originally slated as an EP the band used the delay due to the Great Plague to write more music before heading across the border to Germany where the album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Christoph Brandes (Thron, Requiem, Asmodina) at Iguana Studios.

The band declared about the new album: On our new album we focused more on personal and individual topics which are mirrored by the music as well. It is more emotional, aggressive, and straight to the point. The lyrics are about changes in one’s personal life and paradigm shifts out of one’s own control. Feeling lost, ending chapters, starting new stories, growing up and not knowing where it goes can be terrifying, but are necessary steps to evolve as a person.” 

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