Exclusive Interview: Inexorable talk “Immortal”!

Last month we reviewed the debut EP from vocalist Matt Alleger and multi instrumentalist Dustin Smith otherwise known as Inexorable as the duo took their bow with “Immortal“, an old School Death Metal demo tape style with a touch of Black Metal influence for good measure. We spoke to them about how their alchemy brought new life and this is what they had to say about it…

We’ve described it as being like a modern interpretation of the old school tape traded style demos that you used to get, in feel and sound but how have you found the reaction to “Immortal” so far? “Well so far the reactions have been positive. We try to give 110% day in day out but really we just take one day at a time. Immortal has been our springboard to hone our sound and has created a foundation for our future”

You mentioned having influences in bands like Dying Fetus and Dimmu Borgir which is reflected in elements of both Black and Death Metal bleeding out on the record; outside of the World of Metal, what would you say were your other inspirations? “Matt is a huge Talking Heads fan and a lover of 80s new wave and punk rock. Dustin is a huge Alice N Chains fan and listens to Nile a lot when coming up with riff ideas”

What made you choose the Dead Kennedy’s classic “California Uber Alles” to cover for your debut EP? “Application to current events. It also felt like a good fit with our style”

You collaborated with an IG artist in @luna_marbh for the cover artwork. How did you go about choosing the artist and how important was having the right artwork for you? “The main inspiration for our artwork needed to be something that would represent a solid foundation for the band, not only for our image but what our music will bring in the future. We wanted something technical and almost procedural, or medical. @luna_marbh did a fantastic job bringing our vision to life”

Do you ever see the Inexorable fleshing out to a full band to play these songs live or do you see it as simply a studio project due to the distances involved? “It’s definitely in the cards providing there is an audience and a stage! Distance isn’t an issue as much as finding suitable members other than the two of us”

What’s next for Inexorable? “We’re working hard on our LP. It’s due out in the first half of 2022”

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