NEWS: Sinful Ways plague Manhattan!


Ottawa, Canada’s Sinful Ways have a new music video for their track “Manhattan”, a stand out cut off their sophomore EP “Darkest Days” that dropped last month and was reviewed on these very pages. Designed for mosh pit action, the song draws inspiration from the atomic bomb it’s named after while lyrically it has more of a political focus, criticizing mans need for dominance and superiority while disregarding the needs of society. Then you have the rarity that is a band whereby three of the four members contribute vocals and one of those is the drummer…

The band comments on EP “Darkest Days”: “Everyone struggles from time to time; we even recorded this EP remotely during these Covid times. We believe we finally found a way to blend our various styles and elements to create some mosh pit favourites! We want people to remember why they got into metal, the energy, the fun, and the guitars. We want them to relive the days they discover good music! From front to back, we believe this EP holds a lot of musical value.”

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