NEWS: Soulline stare at the screaming eyes!

After the career highlight of appearing at Wacken Open Air in 2018 beside Iron Maiden and Nightwish lead them to play shows with Vader, Sepultura and Six Feet Under, Swiss Melodic Death Metallers Soulline will be releasing their sixth studio album “Screaming Eyes” on 11th March via Massacre Records. Comprised of even new cuts including a cover of “Say Just Words” by Paradise Lost, the band have offered up a second single in “Against Myself“, once again returning to director Dalil├╣ to help portray the emotion of the song in the video.


Guitarist Marco, declares: “With Against Myself, the story of our common hero continues, and after a period of discouragement, he gets up again. The desire for revenge is very strong, but it is also very easy to fall back into the abyss. It only takes a second to erase all efforts. The song is a dark and powerful reflection on the eternal struggle between angel and demon: “do I give up or do I fight back?“.

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