NEWS: Harbinger premier “Guile”, announce “A Letter To Anguish”!

While they get their set list nailed for the upcoming Decapitated 25th Anniversary tour that will see them join Signs Of The Swarm in support for the whole run, Harbinger have continued to drop the singles that show off the talents of their new vocalist Dilan Alves. The latest is “Guile“, a deeply personal cut that will appear on a mini album titled “A Letter To Anguish” that is set to release on 25th May with pre-orders available here.

New vocalist Dilan Alves comments: “Growing up, my stepfather was abusive towards my mother. He eventually moved on away from my family, but not without leaving behind a trail of lies entangling multiple members of my family that led to irreparable damage. During the pandemic he contacted me in hopes he could poison mine and my siblings’ minds, I wasn’t having any of it – coincidentally we had just started writing the instrumentals to this song around that time. In Guile, I revisit these old feelings of hatred towards the sadist and let some vengeful fantasies out vocally.”

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