NEWS: Kneel Before The Death announce upcoming EP “Memoir”!

It has been four years since their last confession but Helsinki Finland based extreme metal band Kneel Before The Death¬†have released a new single called “Lust” which lyrically deals with frustration as well as how fear takes full control of a person and all that is left is anger and also serves as the opening cut from a new three track EP “Memoir“. That is set for 28th April 2022 via Inverse Records with pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.


The band was formed in early 2013 by drummer Konsta Vihavainen and guitarist Niko Lappalainen, with bassist Joonas Peltonen and singer Aatu Kovanen joining later the same year. Originally based on a backbone of Death Metal with elements of Progressive Metal and Deathcore over the past nine years they have evolved with Black Metal, Symphonic Metal and even electronic music, such as synthwave integrating their way into their music to created a unique sound. Their biggest claim to fame remains their 2018 and last single ‘Miserere Mei‘ being mixed and mastered by Swedish death metal legend Fredrik Nordstr√∂m (Architects, Bring Me The Horizon).

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