NEWS: A Lie Nation premier “God Of This Age”!

A month after first single “Scum” abused our ear drums Finnish Blackened Melodic Death Metal act A Lie Nation have returned with a second lethal dose of hatered in “God Of This Age“. Both cuts take pride of place on the bands debut album “Sociopathology” which is set for 1st July  via Inverse Records.

Guitarist Jussi Tuomisto comments: “God of This Age is the last song written for the “Sociopathology” album. It’s a dynamic song with fast extreme sections accompanied by a slow atmospheric breakdown. One of my main goals in songwriting is trying to find the delicate balance between aggressive energy and more sentimental melodic structures. This song is a product of that thought process. I don’t like to explain lyrics, but let’s just describe them as satanic substance abuse. God of This Age is short tempered, a little weird and very dark. It reflects its maker perfectly

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