NEWS: TRUENT return from the last hunt!

Vancouver British Columbia Canadian based m  Progressive Death Metal quintet TRUENT have released the official video for new single “This Verdant Coil“, a second track from forthcoming album “Through The Vale of Earthly Torment“. Recorded at Creativ Music Space in North in the Spring of 2021 with producer Tim Creviston (Spiritbox, Angelmaker, Misery Signals) who also mixed, mastered and engineered the affair, it’s available for pre-order over at bandcamp with the gravestone marked 17th June.

The band comment: “Written and recorded while the world was being ravaged by the pandemic, Through the Vale of Earthly Torment was an exercise in escapism for us from the grim realities of life in turbulent times. While not a concept album in the traditional sense, we turned to themes of mythology and lore, exploring how people from all corners of the globe across all time periods have used myths to create vivid descriptions of their values. Each song centres itself around a creature or deity, and each of these entities are made to represent one of the seven deadly vices, giving the album a consistent through-line to follow. 

Musically, we expanded our sound with influences from all across the heavy music spectrum in order to create the most dynamic record we could. The songs weave together pummeling and technical riffs, triumphant choruses, and a number of oddball moments that hit seemingly from nowhere. There’s a wide mix of subgenres and sounds we explore throughout the album, often within the same song. We incorporate elements of everything from tech death to thrash metal to metallic hardcore into the records core sound of groove-filled progressive death metal. We do not want to be an easy band to categorize, and we feel this record is our most diverse work to date.

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