Review: “The infinity of non​-​existence” by eyesnomouth

In an age where the power of self description is rife, Bath Summerset based quintet eyesnomouth identify as a Nu-Doom Death Sludge Hardcore act inspired by everything from Primitive Man to Raging Speedhorn and Knocked Loose. What that means in reality is what we discover with this kind of review but having impressed us with their last release “Nihil” it’s safe to say that vocalist Aiden Reed,
guitarists Rob Porch and Ashley Easton alongside the rhythm section of Corey Millard on bass and Steve Curtis on drums have already got our attention.

Once again recorded and mixed by Ben Turner at Axe and Trap, “The infinity of non​-​existence” has been mastered by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, The Contortionist) and finds the band changing their vocalist with Robbie Skinner exiting stage left. The rest of the axis of evil remains intact and that is immediately apparent with the brutal chugging stuccato riff infestation of “Dying Image” that blends the Noise Metal caustic abrasions of bands like Will Haven with underlying hints at Power Violence underneath the sonic weight. Larynx threatening vocals from Reed pave the way to the band reducing venues to nothing but dust and ash with the rumbling bass of Millard carrying the sound as a vital asset to the rhythm section. The band are the sonic equivalent of a tank, rolling through the streets bringing a sense of menacing dread with each track bathed in feedback as sonic oblivion ensues. “Janus” then sweeps in with hints at Hardcore Punk influences in the bass sound and nuanced lead atmospherics building the mountain once more. The big surprise is “Shield” which sees the band embrace their Hardcore leanings, increasing the tempo and energy for an absolute battering ram of a cut that will beat the living daylights of of those in the pit while still having time to shoehorn in an almost downtempo ending with a strange ethereal quality. “The infinity of non​-​existence” rattles the very bones, shaking the foundation of your very soul [7/10]

Track Listing

  1. Dying Image
  2. Janus
  3. Shield

The infinity of non​-​existence” by eyesnomouth is out now and available over at bandcamp

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