Throwback: “Drag The Waters” from Pantera!

7th May 1996. That was the release date of the eighth studio album “The Great Southern Trendkill” by the almighty and undisputed Kings of Groove Metal Pantera. Capturing the band at the most ferocious as well as arguably their most experimental, it’s one that sounds as fresh 26 years down the track as it did when it was released with the unforgettable riffs of cuts like “Drag The Waters“, the face melting solo of  “Floods” and the high pitched screams of Seth Putnam on “13 Steps to Nowhere” each stand out moments in their own right. Standing the test of time with lyrical themes that reference a flood that ends humanity, drugs and searching for a deeper meaning, it’s also one that leaps sub-genres in a single death defying bound as extremes push out with Thrash, Death Metal and acoustic guitars all playing their part.

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