Exclusive Interview: Where The Devil talk “Bury Your Demons”!

Hailing from Newcastle, Australia Where the Devil are a five-piece Metal band from with decades of collective experience and deep roots in the local scene in search of limitless headbangable Groove. They dropped their debut EP “Bury Your Demons” in physical form not that long ago having lead us to it with a metaphorical trail of crumbs in single form that together comprise a beast of a record which needs to be heard and since then they have enhanced their line up with the addition of second guitarist Remi Wilson and bassist Hamish Unahi. We spoke to them about what’s happening in their corner of the globe and the conversation went something like this…

Bury Your Demons’ was released following a waterfall strategy of releasing a collection of singles over time and then releasing an EP at the end. How have you found the reaction to the songs on the record now that it’s all out there?

Ben Hosking: “We really weren’t left with much of an alternative to this form of release strategy. The first COVID-19 lockdowns came into force a week or two before we released our first single, ‘Beast’ in early 2020. We had a few shows booked to coincide with it that naturally got cancelled too. At the time we had Misery recorded, too – but not the other four we’ve since released. So, it probably wasn’t our intention to drip-feed the singles like we have, but we wanted to keep busy during the lockdowns and try and start building our audience and I think we’ve done a really good job at it considering we couldn’t gig in support of them. The response has been really great and we’ve been able to build an enthusiastic audience in an organic way that we’re now able to finally get in front of, on stage. I think we’ve gone about as far as we can online without a huge investment in marketing money. So now it’s time to gig, gig, gig”

While it’s not a concept record, there is an underlying narrative of a broken relationship at the heart of ‘Bury Your Demons’. Was that something that unfolded naturally, just writing material from the heart or something more intentional?

Ben Pennifold: “Perspective is wonderful in hindsight. You can’t write from the heart when you’ve been dead inside. There has never been a writing sesh that focuses on past/present/future and it’s awesome to have writers that produce the riffs that are being thrown down. I try and use syllables and BPM (beats PER MINUTE) as a base to lay lyrics to and if they come across as worthy, they get spat out with venom”

If we’re the product of our genes and our influences, what are in your musical genes and who would you say were your biggest influences?

Ben Pennifold: “Easy! Pantera, Throwdown, Jimi Hendrix, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, AC/DC, LOG, Luciani Pavarotti, AILD, Hatebreed, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Rammstein, Parkway Drive… personally speaking. We all bring a wide range of influences to this, which is probably why all our songs have varied stylistically so far”

‘Beaten Down Broken Crown’ saw you bring on board long-time friend Jeremy Dickson for a guest appearance. If the world was your oyster, who would you like to bring into the studio for a future single?

Ben Pennifold: “In no particular order: Phil Anselmo, Phil Bozeman, Chris Barnes, Tomas Lindberg, Travis Ryan, Randy Blythe, George Fisher, Barney Greenway, Mike Patton, CJ McMahon, Corey Taylor, Marshall Matthers the third and Snoop Dogg!”

The Australian scene seems to be an ongoing hotbed of talent at the moment – how hasthe local scene helped inspire you so far?

Ben Hosking: “I suppose Australians will tell you that it’s always been a hotbed of musical talent over here, but perhaps since the advent of social media, it’s just been easier for bands to get seen and heard. There is no denying the impact Australian bands have been making overseas the last decade or so, though! It’s hugely inspirational. I’ve photographed gigs for more than a decade and have seen a number of bands grow from humble opening acts to headliners here and overseas. You can’t help but be inspired by that and while we maybe don’t have such lofty career goals, it’s good to know that coming from isolated old Australia doesn’t mean your band can’t get right up there”

What’s next for Where the Devil?

Ben Hosking: “Gigging! We really want to get out there and take the songs to the people and continue building our audience the old-fashioned way. Like most bands that launched around the time we did, our score sheet for live performance is still pretty thin. It’s time to get ‘gig tight’ and convert as many souls as we can. Beyond that, we’re writing new songs as we speak! WTD Chapter Two is under way”

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