NEWS: Ether Coven find catharsis in Psalm of Cancer?

Good Fight Music have announced the signing of Ether Coven, a band that includes in their ranks members of Remembering Never, with album “The Relationship Between the Hammer and the Nail” set for 5th August. On opener and lead single “Psalm of Cancer” the band are joined by Integrity vocalist Dwid Hellion and Pain Ritual man Anthony Crupi (who makes several vocal contributions on the album), while guest appearances from Daniel Weyandt of Zao, Howard Jones of Blood Has Been Shed, Light The Torch and formerly Killswitch Engage, Tarek Ahmed of Intercourse and Shane Post of Bird of Ill Omen 


Vocalist and guitarist Peter Kowalsky expands: “This song is about my days and nights going through chemotherapy and the moments that the doctors don’t warn you about. They tell you about the nausea and the bleeding, stomach issues, neuropathy, and the lethargy. They somehow leave out the parts that surround depression and suicidal thoughts. This is/was no easy battle and my heart breaks for anyone else that has had to deal with this or has had loved ones that have experienced this. Cancer is no joke. We figured this was as bleak as it could get, why not add a little more darkness, so we asked Dwid from Integrity to throw some vocals on top of this here and there and the result is absolutely bonkers. This song is dedicated to anyone who knows this struggle

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