NEWS: Spektrvm make thinker’s Metal?

Vocalist Thanos Zabetakis, bassist Michael Pouliezos, drummer Lyo Panagiotopoulos and axe wielding duo George Zikas and Nicholas Dhamo, better known as Greek Metal group Spektrvm, have released a second single “Trying To Breathe” to follow “Leviathan” from their forthcoming album “Blood For Heaven“. The band have inked a deal with Sliptrick Records for that to drop on 8th July…

The band comment: “They have taken control of our lives, our minds, our information receptors and most of the things that ‘free will’ consists of. We can’t help but feel trapped in situations we have no control over, and all we can do is survive, and push on, helplessly struggling for some meaning, one breath at a time

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