NEWS: Supergroup Buried Under Sky unveil “Darkest Corners”!

Combining the talents of Ian Kauffman (Red Tide, Deadeyesunder, Crossthread), Kevin Salvatore (Deadeyesunder), Jay McGuire (Otep, Tyrant Trooper), Charlie Sad Eyes (Crawl Below, When The Deadbolt Breaks, Animal Schoolbus), Buried Under Sky is a Melodic Metal act formed in the middle of some Global situation or other that took place in 2020 from members of the 90’s Connecticut Metallic Hardcore scene. Lined up for 19th August, their debut EP “Darkest Corners” has given rise to the premier of the title track while it should be noted that none other than Mark Castillo (Between The Buried And Me, Bury Your Dead, Emmure) makes a guest appearance behind the kit on “To Walk Upon Disintegration“. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

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