Rabidfest 2022: Breaking Down The Bands #2: Pulverise!

If you missed the news last week, we are joining Devolution Magazine and Moomin Merch in partnering up with Rabidfest for this year’s incarnation of the event! In the build up each week we’re focussing in on one band that you may not have heard of, one of the lesser lights of heaven that we think you shouldn’t be missing and telling you exactly why…

…with a name like Pulverise you could be forgiven for thinking this next piece in the Rabidfest 2022 jigsaw puzzle was all about the darker side of nonsense and some Brutal Slamming Death Metal (to be fair, the Leeds outfit do have a cut called “Slam Time” in their repertoire) but as it goes you’d be wrong. The  Leeds quintet are actually a female fronted groove laden party Rap-Metal outfit inspired by everyone from Rage Against The Machine to Limp Bizkit. Their journey to World domination started almost a decade ago and after dancing with the devil and dicing with death for a while, 2016 saw first single “Stumble” appear. Building their reputation on a live show loaded with infectious energy, positivity and most importantly head banging riffs and booty shakin’ grooves the band then followed up with “Breaking Point“, a cut with hints of Nu-Metal. The doors were however opened in 2018 with the release of bands debut album “Chaos Games“, affording them the opportunity to share stages with their heroes in (hed)p.e., Discharge and BillyBio

The Festival will take place at The Bullingdon over the weekend of 5th and 6th November! The first 10 bands have been announced with tickets available here!

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