Documentary: Creating Harbinger with Deformatory!

For almost a decade Canadian duo Deformatory have been creating no frills Death Metal and with three albums to their name turned to Topon Das (F*** The Facts) to record, mix, master and produce their first EP “Harbinger” at Apartment 2 Recording Studio in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Crafted with the utmost care, the band keep things both simple and traditional, organically writing in the rehearsal space, jamming and experimenting until something lethal reveals itself. Already four cuts deep into writing and recording the follow up album, the band have shared a making of featurette for the record which drops on 13th September and has pre-orders available here.

The band comment: “Das impeccably captured the essence and intensity of Deformatory’s vision. Every nuance has been brought to light, mixed, and mastered without sacrificing integrity in order to fit into the modern standards of extreme music. All instruments are real fucking instruments and each can be discerned without the overproduced wall of plugins and tone packs we have unfortunately grown accustomed to hearing today. There is an eerie atmosphere that lurks throughout this EP and it can be heard clearly through every string, growl, and cymbal.”

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