NEWS: Bonecarver announce “Carnage Funeral” with title track!

Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of Cannibal Grandpa, Madrid Spain skull crushers Bonecarver have been at the forefront of the Extreme Metal scene in their homeland since 2014. Crawling from the depths of the grime-filled underground combining stories about infamous serial killers with their own take on Brutal Death Metal, they made their debut for Unique Leader Records in 2021 with an album simply titled “Evil“. Now, a year on they return, once again out for blood and this time armed with “Carnage Funeral” which will drop via the label on 11th November. You’ve been warned.

The band comment: “The title single from our new album Carnage Funeral looks inside the mind of someone that thinks the human race is an infection that should be exterminated. The world is coming close to the the point of no return and the only way to fix it, is to end the human race. It’s an extreme way to look at the problem we are all living with, taking inspiration from movies, books and music.”

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