NEWS: Clamoris crushed by the Boa Constrictor?

After what feels like forever, Finnish neoclassical Symphonic Melodic Death Metal quintet Clamoris are finally set to release their debut album “Opus Limbonica” via Inverse Records 28th October. While that’s still some six weeks away, the band have shared what they promise is the final tease in third single “The Bite of the Cosmic Snake“, which sounds like some Stoner Metal schizz in name at least. Pre-orders are available here and if you snap one up you get all three singles in advance…

Composer & lyricist¬†Sami Selk√§inaho comments: The third and final single of Opus Limbonica, “The Bite of the Cosmic Snake”, is the primary single of the album. It’s got a tight structure and a catchy chorus. It’s a somewhat “rocky” song with tight solos and is likely the most accessible song of the album. It focuses by and large to heavy and catchy riffs over melody, and has a very dark atmosphere to it. The neoclassical element of our approach still pops up here and there, especially in the keyboard solo.

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