NEWS: Idle Ruin place their hex!

Produced and filmed by Chalky Hill from Moshriff Creative, Idle Ruin have premiered the first single from their upcoming full length debut album in “Delta Hexatoxin“. It has surfaced less than two months after the Blackened Death Thrash act released a split EP with Germans Boundless Chaos and finds them once again indulging in the skills of¬†Brendan “Pip” Auld (Snorlax, Resin Tomb, Malignant Aura) at Black Blood Audio for engineering, mixing and mastering.

On the concept of the song, the band states:¬†“The song’s about the bad apple spoiling the bunch, how one individual’s actions can potentially ruin a larger group from the inside out. “Delta Hexatoxin” is the compound within the venom of funnel-web spiders, which can impair one’s nervous system once infused.”

“Now with gigs returning full-time we’ve been spending October doing a tour of Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and a return to Adelaide” comments the band. “It’s been great finally getting to play to these crowds who’ve been calling for us to come and play since we started the band. As soon as the tour is done, our main priority will be getting the album out.”

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