NEWS: Scattered Storm chase the “Necronomicon”!

Texas supergroup Scattered Storm that is comprised of seasoned musicians from Pissing Razors, No Life on Earth, Years of Cold, Mondoshawan and Section 6 unveiled their debut EP “Oblivion” earlier this summer via Blood Blast Distribution, a subsidiary of Nuclear Blast. Within its confines the EP runs on lyrical themes of darkness in various situations like social, personal and the fantasy world which has led the band to choose the Lovecraft inspired track “Necronomicon” for a music video which features clips of the band performing in their hometown of El Paso.

Ed Razor comments: “Necronomicon came about guitarist Kevin Armstrong and drummer Jay Arriaga’s love for HP Lovecraft books. But the main riff Jay wrote out of despair for losing a loved one. The steady chugg of the guitar conveys almost a walk to the underworld. The world of the dead explodes into the Chtulu scream. The song continues to pound and chug until the end bringing all this chaos to an end. Vocalist Andre Acosta pretty much left it all there, like if the song itself tore him apart. Lyrically it develops on the title of the song, wondering about the fantasy and the underworld.

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