NEWS: Joviac share “Dissemination” music video!

Finnish Progressive Metal act Joviac have premiered an official music video for one of two new cuts premiered at a Invicta Media’s online Festival “High Taste At Home” last month. Titled “Dissemination” it is only the second single to emerge from the Viljami Jupiter Wenttola fronted quintet since their 2020 album “Here and Now” surfaced via Inverse Records, the other being “The Fine Line” which has clocked up the better part of 17.5k of Spotify streams alone. Not bad for a near nine minute magnum opus.

Viljami Wenttola comments: When the global pandemic began and we all became familiar with the term “lockdown”, I noticed that it wasn’t the disease itself that was most anxiety and fear inducing for me personally, but the amount of misinformation and disinformation surrounding the disease. Fake news was rampant. People used the disease to further their at times questionable motives and armed themselves with arguments that supported only their own nefarious or ignorant ends. Suddenly everyone felt like they knew better than everyone else and trust in their “own research” was stronger than in the scientific community. In many ways the pandemic brought out the darkest sides of humanity. I channelled all of my pandemic anxiety and fear into this song and the result is definitely the heaviest song that we’ve ever released. I even tried out harsh vocals/growling for the first time!

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