NEWS: Bewitcher announce “Spell Shock”!

They say that all the best tunes belong to the Devil and to that end Portland’s bastard sons Bewitcher have returned with the hardened and bloodthirsty “Starfire Maelstrom”. It’s the first single from the Black ‘n Roll trio’s album “Spell Shock”, a record produced by longtime Bewitcher fan Lars Frederiksen (Rancid, Old Firm Casuals) and due for a 27th September appearance via Century Media.

Frontman Mateo Von Bewitcher comments: “It’s full of apocalyptic, speed demon vibes, and imagery taken from the worst of current events that only get more apocalyptic as time goes by. It’s the feeling you get from ‘Fight Fire with Fire’ on [Metallica’s] ‘Ride the Lightning’. It’s immediate how it feeds into themes of human destruction and war, but also has cosmic elements. It’s a classic album opener.”

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