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NEWS: Bewitcher. Metal Mad Max on steroids!

Filmed on Location at Knucklehead Hollywood California, various locations in Mexico and Milwaukee Metal Fest, a music video for “Out Against the Law” from Blackened Speed Metal outfit Bewitcher has surfaced. It follows “Starfire Maelstrom” as the second single from the bands 27th September via Century Media releasing album “Spell Shock”, a record produced by long

NEWS: Bewitcher announce “Spell Shock”!

They say that all the best tunes belong to the Devil and to that end Portland’s bastard sons Bewitcher have returned with the hardened and bloodthirsty “Starfire Maelstrom”. It’s the first single from the Black ‘n Roll trio’s album “Spell Shock”, a record produced by longtime Bewitcher fan Lars Frederiksen (Rancid, Old Firm Casuals) and

Throwback: “Speed Til You Bleed” from Bewitcher!

As Portland Oregon Blackened Speed Metal outfit Bewitcher are celebrating a decade of destruction in 2023, it’s time we hop in the DeLorean beside Doc Brown and head back to 2016 to talk about the self titled debut album. Running on themes of Hedonism, Witchcraft, Satan and Metal, the record followed an unholy trinity of

NEWS: Bewitcher compile a decades worth of evidence!

…with a title that sounds like it belongs to a Wednesday 13 record, Century Media have announced a compilation of no less than 17 tracks titled “Deep Cuts & Shallow Graves” will appear from Bewitcher on 17th November. A celebration of a decade of aggression from the Portland Speed Metal heathens, comprising long out of

Bootleg: Bewitcher in North Carolina!

Portland’s Speed Metal heathens Bewitcher were at The Underground in Charlotte North Carolina on 19th October after ripping up the road in support of their third album “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom” adorned by cover art from Paolo Girardi (Power Trip, Firespawn, Inquisition). They return to their 2016 self titled album for a pair of these

Review: “Feast of Blood” by Bat Magic

A record which was met with critical acclaim upon its first release by Sore Ear Collective, “Feast Of Blood” by Bat Magic is one now set for a larger cassette re-issue via Belgium’s Babylon Doom Cult Records. Some five years in the making, the record is one created by an anonymous collection of six musicians

Riff Police! Pull Over! #154: Bewitcher Vs WASP!

Getting scorned by the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) alongside household names like Motley Crue, Mercyful Fate and Venom in the 80’s never stopped Blackie Lawless or his band WASP but it did inspire them to write a song about them in “Harder Faster” from their 1987 record “Live…In the Raw”. Rather than go head

Review: “Self Titled” by Desolate Realm

Formed by members of Decaying, Chalice and Altar of Betelgeuze, Helsinki Finland based duo Desolate Realm are known for combining the epic grandeur of Doom Metal acts like Candlemass with Traditional Metal sounds of Savatage and the mighty groove of Black Sabbath. Formed in 2018 by Matias Nastolin (Guitars, Vocals, Bass) and Olli Törrönen (Drums), they

NEWS: Bewitcher celebrate with “Electric Phantoms”!

On the day of the release of their third journey to hell and back “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom“, an album of Heavy Speed Metal birthed in the fires of rock ‘n roll, Portland Oregon based Bewitcher have chosen the unholy confession of “Electric Phantoms” for the red carpet music video treatment. Recorded at The Captain’s

Review: “Cursed Be Thy Kingdom” by Bewitcher

“The goal on this one was to make a classic sounding rock and heavy metal record, but filter it through the Bewitcher lens. It’s more personal and observational in certain spots, but with all the pleasures of flesh, magic, and sin that one could ever expect from Bewitcher. This record is nearly two years in