NEWS: Obsidian Skies talk of “Rebirth In The Stars”!

Colorado duo Obsidian Skies have premiered a second cut in “Rebirth In The Stars” from their Progressive Melodic Death Metal journey through space, upcoming debut EP “Saturnian”. A concept record that offers trials, tribulations, and hope, it tells of humanity’s new colony established on Saturn and the emotions of those who remember those left being on a dying Earth. Riots and insurrections damage the colony and the resulting martial law sends them into further darkness as each song tells a story in cinematic fashion. Pre-orders for the 14th October release are available over at bandcamp.

Obsidian Skies comment: “This is the song where we really established our sound. We allowed ourselves to explore the studio aspect of the band more than we had previously. Writing an 11-minute song wasn’t something we set out to do, but the song evolved organically. We didn’t write this song “front to back”, instead often adding parts in the middle where we felt they better fit a transition or belonged thematically. It is the darkest, most technical song of the three, and explores more of the dystopian side of the concept. We challenged ourselves in the instrumentation, and we definitely felt we became better musicians by writing and recording this song

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