Review: “Black Wind” by Munitions

If we consider that we are each a product of our genes, our experiences and our environment then that says a lot about the going concern that is Munitions. An new band born from the ashes of Join The Amish, Nemesium, Desecrator, Vulture Culture, MYC, Blunt Shovel, Shallow Grave, Embodied and Dawn of Retribution to name but a few, they began their journey in a World cloaked in Death Metal shrouded in a cloak of Blackened Thrash in 2021. Despite only playing a handful of shows they have still complete a mini Victorian tour with Black Rheno as well as stand alone slots supporting international acts including Skeletal Remains. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Luke Walton at Danger Tone Studios Melbourne and accompanied by artwork by Leo Pignon, their debut EP is one titled “Black Wind“…

…Opening with a swirling storm of a tsunami of percussive battery in true Black Metal style, “Black Wind” then twists and contorts into the  Blackened Thrash powerhouse which the name suggests. Some early Killswitch Engage style riffs a fine addition to an onslaught that balances melody and brutality perfectly on the edge of the knife, the leads and breakdown section offering instant gratification with a sense of the familiar. “Latent Image” then dials down the darkness with some Devildriver like fury, spitting blood and venom with some good use of vocal layering to give an other worldly echo effect. The restless and relentless rhythmic pummelling is fuel for the fire of the mosh pit, cleverly executed tempo shifts preventing it from being a blunt force trauma while a slick solo and later lead parts have distinctly Gothenburg Sound roots. A more Groove Metal orientated sound gives a fresh dynamic at the start of “Machine Elves” before shape shifting into the earlier sounds, the rampaging finale designed for a wall of death. Ensuring things are kept all killer no filler “Trueman” brings not only the curtain but the whole ceiling down upon the record with style and grace. A well oiled machine, who have built on the foundations of their previous works and played to each others strengths, in “Black Wind“, Munitions have created a record greater than the sum of its parts that leaves you craving more. Forget about rehab and roll the dice once again [8/10]

Track Listing

  1. Black Wind
  2. Latent Image
  3. Machine Elves
  4. Trueman

Black Wind” by Munitions is out 1st November 2022

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