NEWS: Alienator have no remorse and no regrets?

Darker, more focused and more intense is how  Canadian Sludge Metal acr Alienatör are describing their upcoming new record. Running on themes which weigh heavy on the head, including alienation, grief, pain and disgust at the state of the modern world, the album was composed during the claustrophobia of the 2020 election and the global pandemic. Channeling rage and catharsis before lulling the listener into a sense of security and then thundering down again into a feedback-drenched conclusion as “The Priest” demonstrates.

Vocalist and guitarist Brad King comments: “This is the darkest song I’ve ever written. Another is where the bass really drives the song and the guitar comes in, jagged and angular on top. Ralph Rowe was an Anglican Priest who molested countless kids in fly-in reserves in the 70s and 80s. He ruined so many lives and plea-bargained for a prison sentence that was a slap on the wrist. There’s a documentary about him called “Survivor’s Rowe,” and I’ve met a few survivors through my work. Here, he serves as an example of the type of abuse of power we allow those in positions of trust. I’m proud of the dynamics of this one, lots of tension and release and the calm atmospheric part in the middle.”

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