NEWS: Aristic plays the Joker!

Combining Progressive, Metalcore and Deathcore and leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of neck snapping riffs while having a guest vocal appearance from Billy Douglas of Colosseums, “Bazinga” is the latest burnt offering from Aristic. The track is one that appears on “Tig/Tala” a sophomore album from the solo project of Niklas Runstad hailing from Stockholm Sweden and be warned, if you’re not a fan of masks then look away now…

Niklas Runstad comments: “Bazinga was written two years ago but couldn’t be more on topic right now. About how war is led by clowns in suits trying to separate people. Looking how united we got since the Russian aggression against Ukraine and how we stand together for democracy and freedom. Jokes on you P…Bazinga

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