NEWS: Heron burn the World!

Canadian Sludge Metal legends Heron have announced the release their upcoming third album “Empires of Ash” via Sludgelord Records on 2nd December, offering up “With Dead Eyes” as a first glimpse. Available for pre-order here the record offers an immersive experience into the eerie gloom. Bringing together a concoction of slow heavy chords, atmospheric synths and angst-ridden vocals, create a shared hollow experience and having shared stages with the likes of Pallbearer, High On Fire and Conan in recent times, the experience has clearly taken its toll…

The band comments: “A long figure stands in the cold stillness of the low and longing early morning hours. Too early to be getting up and too late to still be up. This track is a reflection of the clarity one can feel after staying up all night submerged in anxiety and doubt. Sometimes the start of a new day just means more anxiety but there can also be something very calming and centering about seeing the sun rise and realizing that a new day has started.”

HERON is pleased to announce our third full length offering, Empires of Ash. Empires of Ash is an ode to impermanence and was created in the aftermath of the long, lonely hours of isolation. The album contains sweeping and melancholy post-metal sections intertwined with crushing doom and acidic sludge. Thank you for staring into the void with us.

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