NEWS: Nihilist Death Cult send another warning: You Get What You Deserve!

Shots have once again been fired by Canadian Hardcore Punks Nihilist Death Cult (ex-Pestilence, Abyss, Tribe of Pazuzu, Soulstorm), this time with a music video for the single “You Get What You Deserve” which finds them joined for a guest solo from Ian Mumble of Overthrow fame. Produced and Mixed by Scott Middleton (Cancer Bats, The Bearer, Twin Void), the album is a 9 track affair clocking in at less than fifteen minutes that also finds them joined by Randy Harris (Tribe of Pazuzu) for a guest solo.

“Your once proud moment is all in the past, what have you done all these years?” – the band comments further: “Instead of writing more technical and trying to be complicated, we took the opposite approach and focused on the riffs, having strong catchy riffs was important to us, we were never worried about song lengths or slowing down, or having a soft mellow part in the middle section like most bands do… these songs are deliberately short and intense to capture the anger and hate in the mood of the songs… to keep the pace relentless… an execution to the songs with a “no compromise” attitude”. This should appeal to most fans of music I’ve done in the past, whether it be Overthrow, Soulstorm, or Tribe of Pazuzu… I feel it still retains my writing style while also expressing another facet/feel of my writing… my writing has always been on the darker side with anger and hate mixed in for attitude… I want to bring that back to punk and metal, the hate, anger, fire… relentless fast music.”

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