NEWS: Ov Sulfur premier “Death Ov Circumstance”!

Blackened Deathcore outfit Ov Sulfur have unleashed another blasphemous new single in ‘Death Ov Circumstance‘ accompanied by a God-fearing music video, once again a joint effort between Vicente Codero and MM Fabrications. Originally getting together with Technical Death Metal ideas two years ago, the band found an all together different path as they began to write and after the reception to debut single “Behind the Hand of God” saw their reputation grow immensely. Having recently returned from a sold out US tour with labelmates Lorna Shore, Aborted, Ingested and Angelmaker, the sky appears to be the limit for them.

Vocalist Ricky Hoover comments: “This is another perspective on the poison that is religion. Rather than directly attack the current church, I looked back on history to the Salem Witch Trials. That was a time when Christianity persecuted others, while its believers either picked up their torches at worst or turned a blind eye at best – a pretty terrible best-case scenario. This is a scenario that has repeated itself throughout history during slaughters such as the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition. Our video is more a fantasy world where the witches get their revenge. After one and her baby are burned alive, she and her friends come back to enact some sweet justice

Guitarist and vocalist Chase Wilson adds: “After the full-on brutal attack of ‘Stained in Rot’, here’s a song with…ZERO BLAST BEATS! Don’t worry, though, the song kicks in HARD with a churning war march and only lets up for our best melodic hooks yet. In fact, hearing the unfinished version of this track is what really opened our eyes to how diverse Ricky’s vocals were – not just in screaming but also singing. Wait until you hear the bridge!

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