NEWS: Vanguardian share “Pantheon” for their third strike!

In spite of all the dramatic turn of events (or maybe because of them) new single “Pantheon”  holds a special importance to Finnish Metal heads Vanguardian, the third to appear ahead of their forthcoming EP. Produced by Anssi Kippo (known especially for his work with Children of Bodom) and Sakari Soisalo the band took a leap to the unknown, threw away their prejudices and recorded the EP in a full analog session at Astia studio in Lappeenranta…

The band comment: “Of all the songs that ended up on this record, Pantheon was the first one that was ready for recording. Pantheon is also the band’s first ballad-like composition that involved a lot of “studio magic”. Tino (drummer) recorded the drums with just one take, using just a couple of minutes of our studio time. After trying a couple of hours performing the vocals to the song, our singer (Markus) ended up throwing all the lyrics to the trash. It was a bold move considering that the next day was reserved for recording vocals to this particular song. Therefore Markus ended up writing all the lyrics from scratch the night before vocal recordings started.”

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