Playthrough: “Dreams That Will Never Be” from Jared Dines!

There is an eerie symetry with the new album “The Grey” from Jared Dines with a collection of things being done in 5 on the record. For example, there are 5 different mixers (Matt Thomas, Hiram Hernandez, Jared Dines, Aaron Smith, Clayton Blue), 5 different producers (Hiram Hernandez, Matt Thomas, Aaron Smith, Drewsif Stalin, Jared Dines) and 5 cuts have performances from former Whitechapel drummer Alex Rudinger. Yet the album isn’t called “High Five“. Maybe it’s just a strange coincidence. Either way, here’s the first of a series of playthrough videos from Rudinger as he takes on “Dreams That Will Never Be“. If you like what you hear you can snap up a copy over at bandcamp.

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