Documentary: The Making Of ‘The Blood Of Creation’ with Iron Kingdom!

If like us you were left with the funny feeling that the first part of the making of the new Iron Kingdom album “The Blood Of Creation” was simply an amuse bouche then you were right because while the first part was less than 5 minutes, the second part is five times longer. So grab a beverage of choice before settling down to this as it documents what went on behind the scenes of the bands fifth studio album, one which brings us back to 1984 with a Traditional Metal flourish of riffs.

Vocalist and guitarist Chris Osterman comments: “With the second part of our ‘Making Of’ documentary, we wanted to delve deeper into ‘The Blood Of Creation’. The band explains the meaning and stories behind each track on the album, the gear we used as well as going through some stories from behind the scenes. The documentary shares some never before seen footage from the studio as well as some specially recorded interviews with each band member to share their experience of our latest album! We wanted to make the extra documentary video as a very special thank you to our die-hard fans. We can’t thank you all enough for all the support we’ve received over the past 11 years as an independent act and we truly hope you all enjoy watching! Thank you for believing in us and for listening to our art!

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