Exclusive Interview: Munitions talk Black Wind, Influences and Star Trek Voyager!

Standing at the top of the tallest tower and watching the World burn with a look of pure unadulterated joy upon their collective faces are Munitions, an Australian collective of seasoned veterans who began their journey in a World cloaked in Death Metal shrouded in a cloak of Blackened Thrash in 2021. Listening to their debut EP “Black Wind” is like watching Edwards Norton’s Fight Club, the rhythmic pummelling the audio representation of the fights themselves, the lyrics the embodiment of the struggle. But you’re here for an interview and an interview we shall give you…

What brings together a collection of seasoned veterans known for their work in Join The Amish, Nemesium, Desecrator, Vulture Culture, MYC, Blunt Shovel, Shallow Grave, Embodied and Dawn of Retribution to name but a few to form a new band like Munitions? Do you feel like you have unfinished business or is this Metal life all that you know and love? “The bands we were currently all in were fizzling down and we all previously knew each other from being in bands together or playing shows with one another. We all came together with all the same vision in mind and being all very motivated to make something of it”

Prior to the release of your debut EP “Black Wind” you completed a Victorian mini tour with Black Rheno as well as sharing stages with the likes of Skeletal Remains. What impact did playing these shows have on the recording of the record and how did the audience reaction fuel you? “The shows were incredible! It was a three show run night after night and the audiences were amazing. Huge turnouts at each show, and the reception we got back was very positive”

If we’re created by our genes and our influences, what is in your jeans and who are your influences? “Each of us have our own influences but primarily its Old school Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Thrash and Black Metal. So we basically combine all these to make our own sound, with the future we hope to tune into what we’re exactly trying to achieve”

How did you come up with the other worldly vocal moments on “Latent Image”? “Latent Image is based on a Star Trek Voyager episode, I’m a huge fan of the Trek and take inspiration from a lot of the stories portrayed on the show”

The artwork by Leo Pignon for “Black Wind” to us at least is reminiscent of the closing of Fight Club. What conversations did you have with him when commissioning the piece about what you wanted it to look like? “Leo did an Amazing job! We basically just told him we wanted a dystopian world with the nuclear bomb going off with a civilian waiting for the end to come. I’m pretty sure he nailed it to the T”

What’s next for  Munitions? “We’re currently doing a few shows here and there including shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Next we will be re entering the studio early next year to get onto our next release”

Black Wind” by Munitions is out now, everywhere you’d expect it to be and maybe even a few places you wouldn’t…

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