Exclusive Interview: 21 Questions with… Suffer Drummer Jack Kent!

It’s the return of the almighty 21 Questions! This time out we have Suffer drummer Jack Kent in the Mastermind hot seat ahead of the bands debut full length album “The Sorrow We Sow, The Hatred We Know” dropping like an anvil on our skulls on 1st July! From that record the five piece Deathcore band from Wolverhampton have given us a pair of singles to chew over, “The Narrow” featuring a guest vocal appearance from Josh Davies of Monasteries and the brutal “Rest In Hell“! So lets get to it!

What’s your poison? “Depends which one of us you ask, but Kie would say Wagon wheels & Carling haha! “

What’s your habit? “Probably sitting down to rehearse and instantly forgetting what I wanted to rehearse and then procrastinating for a couple hours before calling it a day “

What does the day after a show or tour look like? “Not good. The aches are killer!”

New cut “The Narrow” sees you joined by Josh Davies Of Monasteries and it’s an absolute rager! As if that wasn’t enough, your forthcoming new album “The Sorrow we Sow, The Hatred we Know“ also features Alex Teyen of Black Tongue. So the question is, do you have any plans to share stages with them during the album tour cycle so they can reprise their roles?  “Well, we would certainly love to share the stage with both those bands again! They’re both amazing, and hopefully we can make it happen some time soon!”

Naming no names, if you read about drama at a venue from a band or two and the offer of a show comes up there, do you think twice? “If its directly attached to the venue staff or owners then likely no, but if its just gig goers then, well, there’s always dick heads everywhere ya go!”

Someone puts laxatives in your coffee as a prank. How are you getting them back? “That’s a tough one, me personally, I’d plan my revenge for at least 3 years, but it’d be worth it”

What is it about Wolverhampton that brings out the Beatdown Deathcore in you? “This city has always had a bit of a gritty feel to it, but not in a bad way for us, we love where we are from! And we feel the grittyness (If that’s a word) translates to our music pretty well too!”

You find Aladdin’s lap and bag yourself three wishes. What are you wishing for? “Reliable cables, an endless supply of batteries, & an unbreakable van”

One of your bandmates has a beer thrown at him during a show. Are you diving in and starting a ruckus or letting him sort himself out? “Depends on the situation I guess, I would likely have a good laugh at them though!”

What was the last record you listened to; what’s your go-to album and what is your guilty pleasure? “Last record would of been Landmarks – Lost in a wave, go to would be Underoath – Disambiguation, I don’t really do guilty pleasures but I’d say any album by Justin Timberlake!”

What was it like to be able to get a Deathcore hero like Traitors vocalist Tyler Shelton to appear on “For We Are Wretched” on your 2020 EP “Heavy Silence“? How did that all come about? “That was super cool! And he was really good to us and just an all round top guy! We basically just dropped him a message about doing it and he said yes! Then he sat at home live on twitch and recorded it! It was really cool to see his process too!”

How brave are you? One Chip challenge, Ice bath or throw your bullets in the fire and run like hell? “Ice bath for sure, I wouldn’t do the others though, Ash or Kie might be up for the 1 chip challenge though!”

You’re having a quiet drink with a couple of mates when you hear someone at a nearby table in the pub trashing your band for reasons that are frankly bullshit. Are you having a word or letting it go? “We would probably join in on trashing us too”

What’s your hangover remedy? “More alcohol?”

If you could go back 5 years and give your younger self a piece of advice, what would you say? Ignore [Suffer vocalist] chobba when he asks you to join a band (We love him really)”

A former lover threatens to talk nonsense about you on social media to ruin the band if you don’t give her a starring role in your next music video. Are you giving in to her demands or not standing for any nonsense? Absolutely not standing for any of it”

If you see a Gorilla riding a Rhino down the road in front of you, are you following to see what the fuss is about? “100% following!”

Pizza and beer is a sensational award winning combination so what are your favourites? “Toast and Brown Sauce with salt & vinegar crisps”

You get offered a cameo in a Stephen King movie and a song on the soundtrack but in order to get it you have to pay the devil his due. What are you prepared to give? “I think we’d turn it down cost of living ay!”

What would mean more to you as a band this summer? A one off festival appearance at a major festival like Bloodstock (United Kingdom), Hellfest (France) or Wacken (Germany) or a twenty date European tour with a band like Within Destruction or Lorna Shore? “Playing Donnington or Bloodstock would be a dream, but I think we would love to do a major tour full of cool shows over one show!”

Who are you thanking in your Grammy Award Winning speech? “Mom, dog, the rest of the band for not murdering me and mountain dew”

The Sorrow We Sow, The Hatred We Know” by Suffer is out 1st July 2022 with pre-orders available over at bandcamp.

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