NEWS: Exdestrier continue the march to “Glorious Bastardism”!

Adding insult to injury, Blackened Sludge Metal trio Exdestrier have given comment about the first single “To Glorious Oblivion” from their upcoming debut EP “Glorious Bastardism“. Featuring in their ranks former members of The Exploited, DragonForce and Razor Of Occam they utilized the skills of Gwen Kerjan (Banane Metalik, Toward The Throne, Devoid) at Slab Sound Studio, France to mix and master a record of lyrical themes from dark fantasy realms, tales of medieval landscapes, gruesome warriors and a looming gloom. 7th April is when the beast is unchained with pre-orders available over at bandcamp.

The band comments ” ‘To Glorious Oblivion’ is a song which musically channels the sludge / punk crossover of Surrounded by Theives era High on Fire whilst taking inspiration from the progressive death metal arrangements of Blackwater Park era Opeth. Lyrically, To ‘Glorious Oblivion’ is about terrible warriors charging into certain death and exulting in the demise and the havoc they will wreak.

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