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Exclusive Interview: Exdestrier talk “Glorious Barbarism”!

What happens when former members of Razor Of Occam, Dragonforce and The Exploited are locked together in a dank, dark basement torture chamber hell for the hottest summer known to man? The create the Blackened Sludge Metal tour de force that is “Glorious Barbarism“, that’s what. The new outfit hail from Edinburgh and call themselves

Review: “Glorious Barbarism” by Exdestrier

Having cited an incredibly wide range of influences from High On Fire to Amorphis, not to mention their former glories, quite how Edinburgh natives Exdestrier ended up choosing Blackened Sludge Metal as the genre in which they wanted to paint remains something of a mystery. However, the trio, comprising vocalist and bassist Chris Smith, guitarist and

The Black Map #246: Exdestrier from Edinburgh!

It’s funny the difference changing a single letter can make in a word. Take the forthcoming record from Edinburgh natives Exdestrier as an example. Change one letter – an A for an E – and “Glorious Barbarism” becomes “Glorious Barberism“. In one letter change you’ve gone from a record about extreme cruelty and brutality, like

NEWS: Exdestrier find the King… at the bottom of the poison well!

Blackened sludge trio Exdestrier who feature in their ranks former members of The Exploited, Dragonforce and Razor Of Occam, are now streaming “The King & The Void” from their upcoming album “Glorious Barbarism” which is out on 8th April. A unique offering in that each member draws from a different musical background ranging from Doom

NEWS: Exdestrier continue the march to “Glorious Bastardism”!

Adding insult to injury, Blackened Sludge Metal trio Exdestrier have given comment about the first single “To Glorious Oblivion” from their upcoming debut EP “Glorious Bastardism“. Featuring in their ranks former members of The Exploited, DragonForce and Razor Of Occam they utilized the skills of Gwen Kerjan (Banane Metalik, Toward The Throne, Devoid) at Slab Sound

NEWS: Exdestrier race “To Glorious Oblivion”!

Former members of The Exploited, DragonForce and Razor Of Occam have joined forces to create Exdestrier, a new Progressive Blackened Sludge Metal act hailing from Edinburgh. Armed with lyrical themes from dark fantasy realms, tales of medieval landscapes, gruesome warriors and a looming gloom, together they’ve recorded a debut EP “Glorious Barbarism” in DIY fashion,

NEWS: Infiltration escape extinction level events?

Saint Petersburg Russian Deathgrind merchants Infiltration have dropped a music video for “Section 8” from their October released sophomore album “Extinct” for your viewing pleasure. The album cuts adrift as standalone their 2021 single “Assault Rifle Justice” and The Exploited cover “Beat The Bastards” while once again demonstrating what influences from Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Bastards.

From 1979 to the present day Scottish Punk Rock legends The Exploited went from zero to hero as they evolved from a Street Punk band to a Crossover Thrash act between 1981’s “Punk Is Not Dead” and 1987’s “Death Before Dishonour” and widely considered one of the bands instrumental in the birth of Hardcore. 1996 saw

NEWS: Maudiir claims Sid Vicious Was Innocent…

If you’re not familiar with the work of Maudiir then all you need to know is that he’s a seasoned musician and a one man Blackened Thrash Metal project that serves as an outlet for observations on obedience and industrialization riddled with man-made waste with a pair of well received EPs currently on our playlist.