Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Bastards.

From 1979 to the present day Scottish Punk Rock legends The Exploited went from zero to hero as they evolved from a Street Punk band to a Crossover Thrash act between 1981’s “Punk Is Not Dead” and 1987’s “Death BeforeĀ Dishonour” and widely considered one of the bands instrumental in the birth of Hardcore. 1996 saw Colin Richardson (Cradle Of Filth, Fear Factory, Trivium) get behind the boards for “Beat The Bastards“, an album which takes the chugging riffs and gritty vocals of old and injects a heavier production style leading to the creation of something in a similar vein to Suicidal Tendencies or Storm Troopers of Death with a biting, hateful attitude and an odd ball sense of humour.

In the Ice cold Blue Corner we have BelgianĀ  Metalcore merchants Angel Crew who did their cover for their 2016 “XVI“, a Supergroup of a kind who feature in their ranks members and former members of Downshot, Arkangel and Code Red to name but a few. In the Blood Red Corner we have Russian Point Blank Terminators Infiltration who have and equally colourful past featuring former members of Free at Last, Hellbomb and Chamber of Torture. Bare brick walls in the video aren’t optional! Who Wins? You Decide!


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