Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Black Flag Edition #2

The title track of the second album from Black Flag is arguably the bands best known outside of their fanbase. “My War” appeared in 1984 via SST Records and was an album that divided fans almost instantly. Releasing on Vinyl and Cassette, Side A featured 6 tracks of high energy Hardcore Punk that the bands reputation was built on. It might have included some guitar solo work from Greg Ginn that was no the norm for the style but it was Side B that put the Cat among the Pigeons. 3 songs of Sludge Metal with a big Black Sabbath influence, each smashing the 6 minute mark and soaked in dark lyrics of self-hatred and completely opposing slow tempos…

In the Red Corner we have Orange County Californian Metalcore heroes Bleeding Through with their version of the Black Flag classic which appeared on “The Complete Truth”, a re-released expanded version of “The Truth” produced by Rob Caggiano (ex-Anthrax, Volbeat).

In the Blue Corner? My Ruin did their version of the tune as a bonus track for their second album in 2000 produced by Nick Raskulinecz entitled “A Prayer Under Pressure of Violent Anguish”. A Metal Noise favourite, it features their tribute to the departed Lynn Strait of Snot and their classic “Beauty Fiend”. Who wins? You decide!

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