NEWS: Something strange in the neighborhood. Who you gonna call? Whipworm!

While it has no release date as yet, Los Angeles Californian Death Thrash duo Whipworm have announced their next burnt offering will be a full length album titled “Gozer“. That news comes with a cover art reveal and first cut in “Ivo Shandor” from the band who we conducted a pair of FBI interrogation room interviews with following a review of their 2021 record “In The Throes“.


Mastermind Travis Weinand comments: “The first track off of our upcoming album “GOZER”, which is inspired by the darker themes and characters in the 80’s hit movie Ghostbusters. It tells the story of Ivo Shandor, the enigmatic and dangerous genius who built monuments to the sky, and worked tirelessly to bring about the coming of Gozer

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